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The technology is evolving

every day,

Plastic is evolving too.

We are moving forward

without Excuses

for your needs.


Crushing 粉砕

IMG_5320 (1).jpg

Crushing wasted plastic products/runners

for extruding.

Mixing 混合


Mixing materials which you would like.

​Virgin plastic, Recycled plastic, Plastic pellets,

Colored pigment by us, and more.

Feel free to ask about more!

Testing ​検査


Those pellets that we product will be tested strictly.

Coloring 調色

DSC_0193 (1).jpg

Producing designated colored plastic pellets at own facility.

Metallic, Neon, Transparent color are also available.

We can Re-coloring from some color to other color.

Extruding 押出

DSC_0274 (1).jpg

Producing plastic pellets from crushed/mixed materials.

Manufacturing under thorough management for quality and data collection for long time.

Shipping ​出荷


Finally, products will be shipped!


・​Plastic Grinder Machines

   15 machines


・Extruder Machine

   Single 20 machines
   Double 4 machines

   Single for Test 2 machines

・Metalider (Metal detector)

   12 machines
・Dehumidification Dryer
・Injection Molding Machine

   2 machines

・Mixer (For Coloring)
・Compression Molding Machine 
・Color Matching Computer 
・Electro balance 1/100、1/1000
・X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

・Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer
・Melt Indexer

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